Real-Time IRI Task Force Workshop

Announcement and Call for Papers

Colorado Springs, CO

May 4-6, 2009




Directions to the Public Parking lot/Bus Pickup





UPDATE: Bus pickup to bring all participants into the Cadet area for the Workshop will now take place at The Academy Hotel (the workshop official hotel -- see section on local lodging). Pickup times are 7:45 AM for Monday and 8:15 AM for Tuesday and Wednesday.  

A focused IRI workshop will be held the Monday-Wednesday (May 4-6, 2009) following the Space Weather Week in Boulder.  It will take place at the Space Physics and Atmospheric Research Center of the US Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, just a short car ride from Boulder. The goal of this special IRI Task Force Activity is to explore the possibilities of expanding the capabilities of the International Reference Ionosphere (IRI). Currently, the focus of IRI is to produce the best "climatological" description of the ionosphere at any time and place. IRI climatology includes estimates of uncertainty, that covers variability or the expected range for a particular day, but is unable to characterize whether a particular day is likely to be higher or lower than climatology at a given location. The workshop will explore two areas: 1. the possibility of producing the best estimate of the ionosphere in real-time, and 2. to produce the best estimate of the ionospheric state at anytime in the past. The latter is similar to the "re-analysis" done for tropospheric weather. Both will require ingest of observations, and the application of data assimilation techniques. The goal of the workshop is to explore ways to add these new capabilities, but maintain the basic philosophy of IRI to be based on observations, and not a physical model.

Themes: Current capabilities for RT ionosphere, IRI re-analysis, RT second order corrections, Data quality, Assimilation Techniques, Testing and Validating Output, Criteria for Evaluating different methods.

Venue: United States Air Force Academy, Space Physics and Atmospheric Research Center, Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA.

Organizing Committee: Linda Krause (US AFA), Dieter Bilitza (GMU), Tim Fuller-Rowell (NOAA), Bodo Reinisch (UML), Eduardo Araujo-Pradere (NOAA).

Deadline for abstract submissions is February 20, 2009.